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I met Taylor Swift on December the 11th 2013 during the RED Era.
I had entered a '25 words or less' competition ran by Frontier Touring that had been posted on Facebook. I entered because I believe you gotta be in it to win it! But the chances of winning were very low since there was going to only be 1 winner per Australian/New Zealand show she played... so only 5 winners!

The Frontier Competition 
As soon as presale for the Perth, Western Australia RED show opened I bought myself the cheapest ticket. At the time I didn't really know anyone who was into Taylor Swift like I was so I was planning on just going by myself. Lol classic me.

On the 20th of May 2013, I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered and a ladies voice greeted me. She asked me how I was and asked me if I was sitting down. I said "I'm good, thank you! And sure I can sit down". As soon as I sat down, my heart started racing so incredibly fast and I knew that the lady was either gonna tell me something bad (Like a parking fine) or something really good.

She asked me If I remembered entering a Frontier competition on Facebook and I laughed while saying "Yeah, of course! I enter them all!". She laughed with me and then she straight up told me "Well I just wanted to call you and let you know that you've won a double pass to Taylors RED show in Perth and you've also won a meet and greet to meet Taylor Swift before the show!". I literally cried and lost my breath at the time same. I remember saying over and over through tears  "Thank you thank you thank you-you don't know how much this means to me!". At this point, I was now laying on the floor in absolute tears with a massive smile on my face! Then I called my mum and continued to cry even more.
The email!

Winner announcement
The Perth show was on the 11th of December 2013, and I still remember it so clearly to this day. I had my favourite lyrics written on my arm, a homemade t-shirt that said "Littlek loves Tay" and bright red lips. I had been contacted via email about a week prior to the show with details of where to go for the meet and greet. After I arrived at the venue, I went to the meeting place and stood in line as directed. I was shaking so much and also on the verge of crying, but still smiling so much. I remember while I was waiting in the line, that I saw Mama Swift walk past with a group of people and I nearly actually passed out. I think that's when It hit me how real this was.

Homemade t-shirt
All by myself
There were about 30 people in the line to meet her and I waited for what felt like forever! We were asked to leave all our bags and belongings in trays on a table outside the room. We were then asked to enter the room quietly and stay in line. As I walked in, I realised straight away that it was being held at the Club Red room! It was a little bar with mini fridges full of diet coke, there was a photo booth, lots of photos on the walls and it was decorated so beautifully. In the corner of the room there was a curtained off area and as the curtain opened to let the next people In I saw Taylor AND I NEARLY FUCKING DIED. I've never smiled so much in my life, I was actually border hysterical at this point but trying my best to stay calm.

When It was finally my time to go in and have my turn I think my heart actually stopped. One of the Taylor Nation staff members opened the curtain, Taylor turned to me with a huge smile and said: "Hi, I'm Taylor!". I literally ran into her arms and gave her the biggest hug ever. Still, the best hug of life. I was so lost for words and in absolute shock at this point. To be meeting a woman that I had been looking up to and had been listening to her music since I was 11 was next level insane and unreal. Taylor asked me how I was and we had a small chat as I tried to compose myself and actually get real sentences out. I was such a mess. I told her "I'm working really hard with my photography because my goal is to be your photographer one day!". She gave me another big smile and told me "Keep working hard ok, you'll get there!". I'll never forget those words. We were then ushered into a photo by the professional photographer. I told her "Thank you so much!" and she said, "No thank you!". I was given two signed posters and a small business card that had a code on it so that I was able to access the meet and greet photo! Then I was guided out of the room. It was such a quick experience but I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity of a lifetime. 

The best moment of my life
As soon as I got out of the meet and greet room I burst into tears. Smiling ear to ear but also crying my eyes out. And still shaking. Like I said before, I was a mess! I honestly never thought that something this important would ever happen to someone like me. As I was walking down the ramp, I saw her guitarist, Paul Sidoti standing near the artist catering tent eating some ice cream out of a plastic bowl. I literally fell over and let out a small "omg" under my breathe. He actually came up to me and said hello and we had a brief chat. I told him I had just met Taylor and he said "Isn't she great?" and I said, "Yes very very great!" and then we got a quick photo together.

Paul Sidoti
I left the backstage area and went over to the merch van to buy a shirt and a poster. The line was pretty long so I decided to give my mum a call and tell her everything. So I called her and told her everything through tears. So yeah! That was the story of me meeting my favourite person in the entire world, Taylor Swift. I was so unprepared to meet her and I choked up a lot. I feel like I forgot to tell her and ask her so many things because I was honestly in a state of shock. But with that aside, I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to meet her, thank her and tell her my dream. 

After the Meet & Greet with my signed poster
Until next time,
Chels x

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