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Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service where you choose recipes and then you receive all the ingredients you need in the exact proportions for the given recipes. I first heard about this service while I was travelling around England, unaware at the time that it was also available in Australia. When I returned home, I kept seeing ads everywhere for it and then my best friend tried it. She LOVED it and gave me a code to get my first box for free. 


For my chosen week, I had 8 meal options from which I could choose 5. I decided to choose the-

Menu from the 10th March- 16th March

Menu from the 10th of March- 16th March

Menu from the 10th of March - 16th March

I received a text message at 10.30am on the following Sunday saying my HELLO FRESH box had arrived. I brought my box inside and unpacked everything. It was so well packed and really simple to figure out. Basically, each menu card as a colour tab on it that matches the sticker on the wrapped package of ingredients for each recipe. Really simple! 

Here is a quick unpacking video of my box!

And here is what came in my box!

Sunday morning feeling fresh lol

Pan Fried Gnocchi

Speedy Baja Fish Tacos

Charred Tandoori-Style Chicken Chapati Wraps

Orange Thyme Grilled Pork Lion

Honey Mustard Baked Chicken

If you're like me, either living by yourself or on your own in a share house you'll know that cooking for one person can be extremely difficult. Unless you like eating the same meal for a week straight- which I don't and am yet to meet many people who do. For me, the most appealing thing about Hello Fresh is that you get to have a variety of meals and you are only given what you need to cook with!

This week, I'll be trialling out each recipe I received and writing new blogs about it so stay tuned!

And, if you're interested in also giving HELLO FRESH a go you can $50 off your first HELLO FRESH box by using the code CHELSEAAB at check out! Or you can just click this link- . 

That's a pretty huge discount! Happy eating!

Until next time,
Chels x

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