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This month I decided to do a '2 Seconds' a day video! My life isn't that interesting, all I really do is study & work & work & work but it was fun to put this all together! Also, there are a lot of Lush products in this month's favourites!! I AM NOT SPONSORED BY ANYTHING FEATURED IN THIS POST! 


Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Good Times Roll, 
Face Cleanser from Lush

This stuff smells like popcorn, looks like cookie dough and leaves my face feeling soft af. I use this cleanser (basically it's a face wash) in the evenings and it hydrates my skin so well. Love love love! 

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Salted Caramel Popcorn, from Kettle
Another popcorn related item! This stuff is 10/10 the best popcorn I've ever eaten in my life. Only bought it originally because it was on sale (classic me) but wow wow wow I am so loyal to this popcorn now.

I love Hello Fresh
Classic Box, from Hello Fresh
I straight up love Hello Fresh. This meal kit subscription service has honestly changed my life, I now enjoy cooking and have a much more positive relationship with food. I'm STILL NOT SPONSORED by Hello Fresh *sad face* but oh well. Still love them. 

If you're interested in trying Hello Fresh you can $50 off your first HELLO FRESH box by using the code CHELSEAAB at check out! Or you can just click this link- https://www.hellofresh.com.au/offers/dlwffd/?c=CHELSEAAB !


Scrubee, Solid Body Butter from Lush

This little guy is one of my favourite new Lush finds. You use it on your body in the shower and it works like a body moisturiser and smells so strongly of honey. I can still smell it on my body throughout the day and always get compliments when I've used him. Love this little dude.

Tami Patch Pocket Demin Pinafore

Tami Patch Pocket Demin Pinafore, from Dotti

I was out one day with a friend and found this pinafore and I literally could not believe how well it fit me. Usually, stuff like this makes me look like a 10-year-old but this one doesn't! I can't wait to wear this around Europe in June/July!

Honey I Washed The Kids

Honey I Washed The Kids, Shower Gel from Lush
My friend Siobhan gave me this as she had bought it and didn't like it. Lucky for me, I LOVE HONEY scented Lush products and this shower gel lives up to that love! I'm going to need to buy a large bottle soon!

Long Named Object

I got this for like $5 off eBay and have used it for everything except what is in its excessively long name! Its been super helpful for filming stuff because it just suctions to most surfaces. Very helpful.

Mask of Magnanimity 

Mask of Magnanimity, Face Mask from Lush
This is the best face mask I've ever used from Lush and also is the most affordable face mask option. The peppermint in it makes it super cooling on my skin and it's just wonderful. I use it legit 3-4 times a week.


Woodgrain USB Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser, from In Essence
A few of my friends have diffusers and they all love theirs. So when I saw this cute little guy in the chemist I thought why not. I'm loving using lavender essential oils in it at night time!

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