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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Virgin Airlines and even more so their Velocity Frequent Flyer program. Gaining Velocity Points is super easy when you know how to do it smartly and you can use these points for many things but for me, I mainly only use them to get money off future flights and even upgrades when available! Because travel is life.

So here are 6 ways you can increase your Velocity Points!

1. Fly with Virgin Partner Airlines 
If possible, when you are booking flights try to book with airlines that share the same codeshare as Virgin. You can find a list of all Virgins partner airlines here. By doing this, you'll be able to get Velocity Points from these flights, plus the chance of getting an upgrade is higher because they really value when someone is a loyal Velocity member.

2. Link your Flybuys account to Velocity
It is now possible to earn Velocity status credit when you earn Flybuys points. This is awesome because everyday purchases from common shops such as Coles, Kmart and Liquorland will all gain you Velocity credit. For a full list of where you can use your Flybuys card to gain points click here. 

3. Fuel up at Bp
If you drive, you will know that fueling up is just another part of life. However, by making the simple change to choosing to fuel up at BP instead, you'll be earning Velocity Points also. 

4. Velocity Global Wallet
While travelling, take advantage of the Velocity Global Wallet. If you're a Velocity member they will send you one for free each year. This acts as a travel cash passport and you can gain 2 Points for every $1 spent in Aus and 1 Point for every $1 spent overseas. It allows you hold 11 different currencies plus it has a helpful and simple app to assist with it. 

5. Stay at Virgin partner hotels
If it's within your budget, check out the Virgin Partner Hotels while you're travelling. This is another great way to earn Velocity Points. See a list of their partner hotels here.

6. Velocity E-Store
The Velocity E-Store has many popular brands connected to it including Apple, Groupon, Esty, The Iconic and more. You can earn Velocity Points when you make purchases, you just have to be smart and remember to use the E-Store instead of the regular store!

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