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There are some absolutely incredible apps out there that come in super handy when you're travelling. Here is a list of the apps I have on my phone and will be using during my upcoming trip to Europe.

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2. Tripwise
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  • This is the company I always purchase travel insurance from. I love the app because it stores all your insurance policies, gives you pre departure information and country specific safety. And of anything goes wrong I know I have everything I need in the palm of my hands.

3. TripAdvisor
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  • The holy grail of travel apps. I like to check the reviews for anything I book so TripAdvisor is used a lot by me. It also gives you really great information about different locations and what there is to do there.
4. Currency
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  • I'm terrible at maths and this app allows me to check the currency rates easily. MVP.

5. TripIt
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  • This is how I organise my trips and keep all my details together. It allows you to email any flights, accommodation confirmation etc to the app and then it compiles it into a handy trip for you. You can also manually enter in details of flights, accom, tours, activities and much more. You can export your trip and share it with your family so they know where you are at all times. 

6. Rome2Rio
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  • This app is a game changer. All you have to do is put in your location and your destination and it shows you all the ways you can travel there plus how much it would cost.

7. Duolingo
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  • I've been using Duolingo to learn Danish for over a year now. This app makes learning languages fun and has many different languages to choose from.

8. Spanish
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  • This app goes over the basics and pronunciations of Spanish, which I'll be needing a lot. There is also other versions of this app for other languages! 

9. Spanish Translate 
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  • I'll be living in Madrid for 6 months and I can almost guarantee I'll be using this app on the regular.

10. ISIC
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  • ISIC is a worldwide student status card. The app allows you to plug in your location and then it shows you all the discounts you can get in that area by using your card. Having this card also can get you cheaper flights through STA Travel and Student Flights. Very handy to have, they do only last a year though so make sure yours is up to date.

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  • This app allows you download maps that can be used without wifi. Meaning you'll never have to worry about being lost again!

12. Global Wallet
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  • When I travel I use the Velocity Global Wallet card to make purchases. The app allows me to check and transfer money into different currencies (It holds 11 currencies). I also earn velocity points when I use it so DOUBLE WIN. 

13. Postcards
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  • This is app is the best! It allows you to create a postcard using your own photo and it then sends a hard copy to whoever you want for $1.99 to Australian addresses and $2.99 to international addresses. I use the app so often and love to be able to use my own photos. Plus it works out a lot cheaper/easier than buying physical postcards, finding a post office, buying and stamp and posting it.
14. TripsGo

  • TripsGo is great for public transport and makes it all simple and easy to use and find while you're abroad. 

15. City Mapper

  • This was recommended to me by a friend. It allows you to get up to date information about transport in around 30 cities. 

16. Madrid City Walks

  • This app exists for a few different cities and plans walks for you to do. It's like a free walking tour in your pocket.

17. InRoute 

  • If you have a few locations you want to see and go to in one day this app is fantastic for finding the quickest route. You just put in all the addresses you wish to visit, click optimize and it creates the quickest route. Game changer. 

I hope this list of travel apps has been helpful for you and I'd love to hear what apps you use!

Until next time,
Chels x

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