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Madrid is an awesome city to eat, drink and party in. There are endless options when it comes to food and drink and you could spend forever wandering around and exploring the city for the perfect place. During my time studying in Madrid, there were a few stand out places that I fell in love with and recommended to all my friends who were passing through and visiting Madrid! Here is a list of those places!

The Federal Cafe
The Federal Cafe

The Federal Cafe does the best breakfast and coffee in Madrid. It may or may not be owned by Australians and that may or may not play a big part of why it is so good! I really struggled to find good coffee in Madrid but The Federal always had consistent amazing coffee and service. A must go for breakfast if you're missing Australia!

Check out The Federal Cafe here

Takos Al Pastor
Takos Al Pastor

Takos Al Pastor is this tiny little Mexican place that does amazing tacos for 1€ each. Super cheap, super tasty and a great place for a quick feed! This place is super popular so be prepared to wait in a line if you don't get there early! The wait is worth it though. My favourite tacos are the 'Pastor' and the 'Cochinita Pibil'. 

Check out Takos Al Pastor here

La Musa - Image from TripAdvisor 
La Musa

La Musa is a bar and restaurant in the trendy area of Madrid called Malasana. I would highly recommend trying the Degustation menu which designed for 2 people and is 30€. It gives you a great chance to try a variety of different 'fancy' tapas and dessert.

Check out La Musa here

Rosi De Loca 
Rosi de Loca

Rosi de Loca is hands down my favourite restaurant in Madrid. It is a gorgeous styled restaurant that offers an awesome menu of 'fancy' tapas and also bigger dishes such as paella. I would highly recommend trying the 'Pork Sirloin', 'Aubergine Chips', 'Patatas Bravas', 'Croquettes' and the 'Sea and Mountain Paella'. They also bring you free shots with your bill which is about as EXTRA as a restaurant can get!

Check out Rosi de Loca here

El Tigre
El Tigre

El Tigre is a bar where you buy a massive (literally HUGE) drink for 6€ and then the staff bring out a massive plate (this is what it looks like) of traditional tapas per drink you buy. Traditional tapas is not pretty in the way 'fancy' tapas is, but it is still very tasty. This bar is great fun and is always packed so be prepared to stand while you drink and eat your tapas. 

Check out El Tigre here 

Chocolateria San Gines - Image from YELP
Chocolateria San Gines

At Chocolateria San Gines you can try traditional churros and hot chocolate. It is a super popular place but it is worth going too! 

Check out San Gines here

Mama Teresa - images from YELP
Mama Teresa 

This place is so bad that it is good. It is run by a short Spanish woman called 'Mama Teresa' and she wonders around taking orders and bringing you drinks and food. Most of the time 'taking orders' is just her placing her order notebook on your table and you are expected to write down your order and hand it back to her! All the cocktails are 3€ and quite big but some are a lot better than others! I highly recommend not ordering the 'Mojito' however the 'Sex On The Beach' and 'Tequila Sunshine' are good and extremely alcoholic. It's cheap, lots of students go there and it's a good atmosphere so you can't really complain!

Check out Mama Teresa here

Tartan Roof
Tartan Roof

Tartan Roof is an amazing rooftop bar that gives you a stunning view of Madrid, especially at sunset. It costs about 3€ to go up and drinks a bit pricey up there, however, the view is worth it! If you're going to see the sunset, make sure you arrive super early because it gets really busy!

Check out Tartan Roof here

San Miguel Markets- Photo from YELP
San Miguel Markets

The San Miguel Markets are a must visit in Madrid. They offer heaps of different market stalls that sell everything from fresh fruit, food, tapas, pinchos, drinks and desserts. If you're looking to try a good paella- try the paella from these markets. You can buy either a small bowl of paella for 5€ or a larger plate for 8€. The seafood paella is my favourite!

Check out San Miguel Markets here

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