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I've been doing Hello Fresh for almost 5 weeks now and it's been one of the best things I've ever done in regards to my lifestyle. I've been blogging about my (NOT SPONSORED) adventures with Hello Fresh and the main question I've been getting asked is...

"Is Hello Fresh expensive?"

And hey it's a very good question! When I first looked into Hello Fresh, the thing that initially put me off it was the price. The box I order and use is The Classic Box with 5 Recipes for 2 People and it is $109.95 per week (postage included). Obviously, there is only one of me so everytime I cook a recipe for dinner, I have the second serving of it for lunch the next day. So basically I get 10 servings a week out of it, at about $10.99 per serving. It wasn't until after my first week with Hello Fresh that it really hit me how much money & time I was saving by doing Hello Fresh.

(BTW The cheapest option through Hello Fresh is to buy The Family Box with 5 Recipes for 4 people (20 servings), this is $169.75 a week, at about $8.48 per meal.)

Before anyone gets offended, this is just my opinion and obviously, everyone has different budgets when it comes to groceries & life etc so what I say you might not agree with. Keep that in mind. 

So here's what I think. I'm actually honestly so hopeless at the supermarket. I either end up -
  • Buying WAY TOO MUCH food that I don't end up eating and then it just ends up going off. Which is the worst, I hate wasting food!
  • Or I end up buying stuff I shouldn't be eating!
  • Or I end up buying stuff I don't need. The bloody makeup section & homewares get me every time ugh!

Grocery shopping isn't ever the highlight of my week and it's honestly just frustrating to have to do it. So for me, not having to go to the supermarket is a massive blessing and money saver. 

The fact that each recipe I get in my Hello Fresh box makes my dinner & my lunch is also very helpful because it stops me from buying lunch when I'm out at work or at University- which is most days of my week. So that's another huge money saver right there. Why is buying food at University on par with airport food anyways? So from those two perspectives, for me, Hello Fresh is affordable and is actually saving me money and helping me stay on a budget when it comes to food/groceries.

And classic me, I actually price checked how much It would cost to buy the same ingredients in the same portion from Woolworths and it was only about $1-$5 cheaper per recipe to do it yourself. However, a lot of the ingredients given to you through Hello Fresh you wouldn't be able to buy in the same portion from Woolworths, such as sauces (they only give you how much you need) or like quarter of a pumpkin, or certain spices etc so therefore you would be spending more to do it by yourself because you would have to buy full bottles or full ingredients when you only actually need a small amount of it. I've done the numbers, Hello Fresh is worth it. Trust me. 

If you want me to do a blog about the price break downs just let me know!

So yeah, maybe you are paying a tad more than you would on groceries per week but there are so many other amazing benefits that come with doing Hello Fresh also such as-

  • You get a variety of meals throughout the week. No more eating spag bog for a week straight. 
  • You learn how to cook. I've been amazed about how much I've learnt about cooking through doing Hello Fresh. All the recipes are super simple to follow and they can easily be recreated by buying your own ingredients (I do this on the weeks I don't order a box)
  • No stress of supermarkets! I can't even explain how much better life is without having to step into a supermarket!
  • It's incredibly time saving and stress-free to come home in the evening and have the ingredients already there for you to cook.
  • The recipes are tasty, healthy & filling.

I've decided that I want to share the Hello Fresh joy and give away 2x Hello Fresh boxes (Worth up to $139 aud each) for FREE! All you have to do is hop over to my Instagram account @littlek or my Facebook account Littlek Photography and follow the prompts on my post! Simple as that! 

Also, If you don't win that's OK because you can $50 off your first HELLO FRESH box by using the code CHELSEAAB at check out! Or you can just click this link- . 


Until next time,
Chels x

Instagram- @littlek
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