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Ladies with Lanyards is a blog post I published a while ago that put a spotlight on some of the most talented music photographers in Australia. That blog post had such a good response so I decided I wanted to dive deeper into this and interview these creatives! So, I'd like you to meet fellow music photographer, Tiffany Williams...

My name is: Tiff / Tiffany J. Williams 
I am based in: Sydney, AUS 

I started shooting live music because:
I can't remember how it came about but I began shooting underage events. 95% of the time it was terrible but there was something about capturing live music that was growing on me. 

My favourite gig I’ve ever photographed was:
I recently was in America and got to see two of my friends (CXLOE & Nicole Millar) perform their debut shows and it was on a whole other level. At the moment seeing my friends perform is incredibly satisfying, being able to watch them grow as artists. 

The hardest / worst gig I’ve ever photographed was:
Re-con U18s haha, 8 hours of hardstyle and never got paid. Enough said. 

My photography style can be described in the following 3 words: 
Raw, elemental and fun

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My advice to young women looking to join the music industry as a live music photographer is: 
The rare occasion someone does come to me for advice, I always say the same thing. Hustle. You have to work hard, push networking and put a lot of effort in to progress in this industry. And if you're not passionate about it then it may not be the scene for you.

If I could tell my younger self anything it would be:
Do NOT undersell yourself. You are good at what you do, acknowledge that & set your limits.  

The best advice I’ve ever been given is:
Don't wait for people to come to you & contact you, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. 

The hardest thing about being a live music photographer is:
It's very competitive, it can be hard to get paid work as there is always someone who will do it cheaper or free. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt as a music photographer is:
The biggest lesson for me was a boost in confidence, I definitely came out of my shell by working in this field. 

My favourite live music photographers are:
Shout out to my fellow female aussies @kathryn.farmer & @gleesonjess. A few other faves include @hredcliffe and @gibsonhazard .

My goals as a live music photographer are:
Short-term: Go on more tours, gain more clients, and figure out what I want long-term haha

I also: 
I work part-time at a Printing/framing lab and am learning the ropes of TMing. Spend most of my days with Kota Banks, 25% work & 75% banter. 

Excluding camera equipment, in my camera bag you will also find: 
Ear-plug (gotta protect that hearing), portable chargers, probably a snack and dependant on weather a rain poncho. 

This is the photo I’m most proud of because:
This one was a tricky one for me, as I still don't view my work and ever think 'Damn that is red hot'. But this has to be one of my favourites, I don't view it as one of the best photo's I've taken but I love the energy, emotion and framing. Plus it's Tkay so who doesn't love that.

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Twitter- @littleksnap

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