72 Hours in Poole, England | TRAVEL

Day 1
27th August 2017

Arriving into Southampton quite late on the 26th, I was greeted by Hannah and Ollie who I hadn't seen since we met in America in 2015. During this time in America, we had met while doing the same Trek America tour (Americana Road Trip- i don't think this trip exists anymore though). We became incredibly good friends on this 26-day camping tour and it was so incredibly kind of them to offer for me to stay with them in their hometown, Poole. 

As I was visiting during the Bank Holiday, we had lots of time together. Our first stop was lunch at Sandbanks Beach. We were so incredibly lucky with the weather and we had sunshine all day. The only regret I had was not packing my bathers! We then took the chain ferry from Poole across to Studland where we visited some of Ollie's family who were over there camping. The views from the drive were stunning, and I still can't get over how green all the landscape is.

We drove all the way back to the Poole where we headed to a Cider Festival and I got to meet more of Hannah and Ollie's family. The cider festival was extremely enjoyable and honestly, there's nothing better than a cider on a hot day! Plus there was an incredibly cute dog. Always a win. Later in the day, we wondered around the Poole Quay where Hannah and Ollie showed me all the must see sights, plus they showed me the LUSH shop which was really cool because Poole is where LUSH started. You learn a new thing every day!

Day 2
28th August 2017

We woke to another extremely warm and sunny day. We took a day trip to Lulworth Cove and I was again, extremely and pleasantly surprised by the fact that England has amazing beaches. I just never pictured England being like this, however with that said I loved every moment of it. I'd offered to do some engagement photos for Hannah and Ollie so we basically just spent the day exploring, taking photos and trying not to die from the heat!

Day 3
29th August 2017

For my last day in Poole, Ollie has organised for us to visit Brownsea Island. Little did I know that I would get to spend the day on one of the most beautiful islands I'd ever been too. Between forests, fields of heather, castles and beaches this island had everything and made for the perfect backdrop to do some more engagement photos. I made everyone Carbonia Pasta for dinner and we settled into a night of drinking cider and watching youtube videos. Couldn't think of a more perfect way to end such a good trip. Thank you so much to Hannah and Ollie for taking me in and keeping me in fits of laughter for the entire time! I can't wait to come back and spend Christmas with you guys!

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Until next time,
Chels x

P.S All photos and videos were taken on an Iphone 7 Plus and edited with iMovie and VSCO. Click here to find out how I edit my photos with VSCO!


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