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In 2014, I was going through a really rough patch while studying at university. I had, due to some seriously unfortunate personal events, become unmotivated, bored and my grades and health were really suffering because of this. As I dragged myself to class one morning I noticed a poster on the wall advertising working in America on a Summer Camp. It immediately caught my attention, and it was the first time all semester I felt good about something. Within the next 24 hours, I decided that I was going to take the next year off university and apply to work at a Summer Camp. And that's excatly what I did. 

After doing some research I decided on a company called Summer Camps IEP. They had the lowest application fees and the highest salaries so I thought they would be a pretty good choice. These companies (there are a lot) work in the same way that job agencies do. You submit an application online and answer a lengthy but important questionnaire about literally everything about you; what you like, what you're good at, what you don't like etc. The important thing to remember when filling out this questionnaire is to be as honest possible because your answers in the questionnaire will ensure that you get placed on the perfect camp for you! There are SOOOO many different types of Summer Camps in America (they're not all like The Parent Trap), there is honestly one to suit everyone!

Once your application is accepted by Summer Camps IEP you are then placed in a database which is accessed and used by Camp Directors (the bosses of Summer Camps!) in America to hire staff. Then you wait to be contacted (usually via email) by a Camp Director and if they're keen they will organise to have a Skype interview/meeting with you. 

I received an email in mid-December from a Camp in Upstate New York who wanted to organise a skype interview with me. Immediately I replied, however, they never got back to me so I'm not really sure what happened there. However with that aside, about a week later I received another email from a different Camp, this time in Connecticut called Camp Stonewall. I had my Skype interview with them in Early January and got the job pretty much a few days after that. It was a very smooth process and Summer Camps IEP were incredibly helpful throughout the entire time which was a huge support!

If you're interested in applying to work at a Summer Camp I highly recommend you consider going through Summer Camps IEP. They are an incredible company that is so passionate about Summer Camp and making sure everyone gets the chance to experience its magic. Also if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! I love talking about Camp!

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