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Before I came to Madrid I made a blog post about what I was packing. Since being here, I've realised that there was a lot of stuff I forget, didn't think about or packed but haven't needed so I've decided to do a revised and updated version! Hopefully, this is helpful and please let me know if there's anything you wish you had packed!

Clothes for Warmer Period (August- October)
I was extremely underprepared for how warm it would be in Madrid at the start to the middle of the semester. Until about late October, the temperature was between 26-33 Degrees Celsius every day with every hot nights and not a lot of air conditioning. 

  • 2x Casual T-Shirts/Singlets
  • 3x Nice shirts
  • 1x Shorts
  • 1x Skirt
  • 1x Thin jeans/ pants (such as these)
  • 1x Actives leggings/tights
  • 2x Casual dresses
  • 1x Long dress/skirt
  • 1x Cardigan 
  • 1x Demin Jacket
  • 1x Leather Jacket

My 'can't live without' favourites from Transit Clothing!

Clothes for Colder Period (November- January)-
It started to get cold in Madrid from the start of November onwards. If you're not used to the cold, it can be quite a shock to your body and especially your skin!

  • 2x Jeans
  • 5x Knitted jumpers or sweaters
  • 1x Hoodie
  • 5x Long sleeve tops
  • 1-2x Thick winter coat

  • 1x Thermal leggings
  • 1x Thermal top
  • 1x Black stockings
  • Underwear (up to you how much you bring)
  • 4x Bras
  • 1x Sports bra
  • 6x Long socks
  • 6x Short socks
  • 1x Winter & Summer Pj's 
  • 1x Bed socks/slippers
  • 1x Track pants
  • 1x Bathing suit or Bikini

    Warm / Protective/ Other Stuff-
    I would recommend investing in a good and thick scarf, as you'll be wearing it every day when the temperature drops. 
    • 1x Thick large scarf
    • 1-2x Beanie or knitted headband
    • 1x Pair of Gloves
    • 1x Pair of Sunglasses
    • 1x Belt
    • 1x Cap

    This was the hardest part of packing and probably the area I made the most mistakes in. You're gonna be walking a lot so I would suggest packing 1-2 pairs of comfortable sneakers. I lived in my Adidas ZX Flux's! For the warmer months, a pair of sandals such a Birkenstocks will be all you need and for winter I would highly recommend getting a pair of winter boots that are water resistant.
    • 1x Thongs/Flip Flops (to wear in the showers)
    • 1x Sandals
    • 1x Winter boots
    • 1x Formal/Nice boots
    • 1-2x Sneakers

    Most every day toilettes you can purchase full sizes of once you arrive in Madrid, however, it's helpful to have travel sizes of the basics for when you do weekend trips- so you're not lugging around full-size bottles. Stick deodorant is extremely hard to find in Spain (random I know) so if that is your preference, bring enough for 6 months from home. 
    • Travel bag with hook
    • Toothbrush + toothpaste
    • Floss (optional)
    • Travel sized shampoo + conditioner
    • Travel sized moisturizer 
    • Travel sized face wash
    • Travel sized sunscreen
    • Deodorant
    • Mini or solid perfume
    • Hair lackies
    • Headband
    • Hairbrush
    • Shavers
    • Sanitary products 
    • Makeup + brushes (bb cream will be your best friend)
    • Makeup remover & cotton pads

    First Aid/ Medicine- 
    Something I've noticed in Spain is that cold and flu tablets are extremely over the top expensive, so just bring some from home to save you the hassle when you get sick. Vaseline was something I originally forgot to bring and suffered without before finally finding it. My skin was absolutely destroyed by the cold weather- I'm talking dry, flaking eyelids... It was traumatic, painful and annoying to say the least. Vaseline saved my skin. Pack it- you won't regret it.

    • Vaseline or Fatty Ointment
    • Cold + flu tablets 
    • Nasal rinse + sachets
    • Pain Killers
    • Hydralite tablets
    • Gaviscon
    • Cough lollies 
    • Ural
    • First aid cream
    • Ear Plugs
    • Imodium
    • JellyBeans (I always keep these in my bag just in case)
    • Vicks (tub and/or inhaler)
    • Bandaids (larger size for blisters)
    • No Doz
    • Birth control & other personal medication 

    Flights around Europe are really cheap if you fly without checked baggage, so having a cabin sized bag will save you a lot of money! I had a lot of friends have their phones and wallets stolen during the semester, especially at nightclubs. Have a cross body bag, with an inner zip and a flap, is your best choice to avoid getting pickpocketed. 
    • Large suitcase
    • Cabin sized suitcase
    • Crossbody bag with zip & flap
    • Small wallet

    Bring a powerboard and it will make your life a lot easier.
    • Camera + cord + charger
    • SD Card
    • Phone + cord + charger
    • Portable power bank + cord
    • Laptop + charger
    • Power plug converter
    • Power board 

    Study Stuff-
    Even if you use your laptop for everything, have a pen and paper is always helpful.
    • Notebook
    • Diary and/or Calendar
    • Pencil case 
    • Pens
    • Highlighter
    • USB
    • Thin Backpack or tote bag

    Stuff from Home (Optional)-
    At CEU San Pablo, they hold an international fair where you can talk to people about your university and promote your country. Having something from your home country to contribute helps a lot but isn't compulsory! 
    • Flag
    • Photos
    • Food to share and/or give as gifts (Tim-Tams, Carmello koalas, Chicken salt Australian Christmas decorations etc)

    All of this stuff doesn't fit into any other category. 
    • Physical copies of all your documents in a file (passport, visa, insurance etc)
    • Neck pillow
    • Eye mask
    • Your own pillow from home
    • Your own towel from home
    • Travel sized/ gym towel
    • Laundry bag or plastic bag
    • 1x Small ziplock bag of laundry powder
    • Blue Tac
    • Spare passport photos
    I've also done a blog post about what to pack in your carry on luggage for long-haul flights. You can read that here!

    p.s the video is still the original video and hasn't been updated!

    Until next time,
    Chels x

    Instagram- @littlek
    Twitter- @littleksnap

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