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Student Accommodation

Most students in Madrid live in student flats, rather than on-campus accommodation. There are a few good sites to help you find a flat and it's good to use these sites because it lowers your chance of being scammed.

I found my flat by using the site and everything was a pretty smooth process. My room in the flat was 353euro a month, + 40euro a month for bills. Included in my rent was a cleaner who came once a week and cleaned the common areas, kitchen and bathroom.

My flat was in an area called Argüelles, which was about a 20-25 minute walk to CEU San Pablo. You can view/rent the flat I lived in here- Flat 536 Room H1

My 'cosy' room
Flat 536 from

Transport Card
In Madrid, you have the option of getting a student travel card called the 'Abono'. It is 20euro a month and that gives you unlimited travel. This was extremely helpful to have and I would recommend it is the first thing you get. You can either visit a Metro station or this shop (see below picture) and wait forever in a line OR you can visit the Smart Insiders office and they will do it for you! You just need to bring them-
  • A copy of your passport or ID
  • Passport/ID-sized photos 
  • 5euro (cost of the card)
And Smart Insiders will do the rest for you! 

I choose not to stand in this line in 30-degree celcius heat, understandably...
Abono Card from

SIM Card

There are a few different mobile providers in Madrid that you can choose from such as Vodaphone, Orange, Movistar etc. I used a Lycamoblie sim during my stay and used 'pay-as-you-go' packages for data only. Below is an example of some of their data plans (current as of November 2017). They also have packages that include national and international roaming too. 

Lycamoblie Data Packages from

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