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I've been a swimming teacher for almost 4 years and it's the second longest job I've ever had, photography being the other one. I've worked at a lot of different swim schools around Perth and quite frankly I wasn't very happy anywhere I worked. It was either that the pools would be too cold, or the other teachers were unfriendly, or the staff were unfair and would play favourites when it came to giving shifts, or the pools were gross or it took me forever to drive there. For a long time, I just worked as a swim teacher and it was nothing more than a job. 

Then I started working at The Swim Factory, in O'Connor. And everything changed almost instantly. 

The Swim Factory is a boutique swim school located on Garling Street in O'Connor. It is an indoor heated pool, it doesn't stink of chlorine, it's bright and colourful, has beautiful natural light streaming in and it is the best swim school I've ever worked at, EVER. It previously was an industrial warehouse and has since been transformed into a swim school, so from the outside, it just looks like a regular factory unit but then you walk in and BAM there is a stunning swim school. Coolest thing ever.

I've never worked somewhere like The Swim Factory, there is so much attention to detail, the teachers are looked after so well and it actually feels like I'm apart of a real team. 

We were lucky enough to receive a CHOBANI CHARGED drop at The Swim Factory the other day and I just wanted to say thank you CHO much Chobani! You absolutely made our day and we all are extra happy swim teachers now!

Until next time,
Chels x

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