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This year I'm in my fourth year of university! Yay for sticking to one thing... finally! That's another story, I'll get into that another day! I study at Murdoch University, which in my opinion (having studied at 3 other universities), IS THE BEST UNIVERSITY EVER! But alongside with University I also work two jobs, run my photography business and try to maintain a social life... life is a lot. Keeping my life balanced and organised is extremely important and not only does it help me stay sane but it helps me get better grades! Also yay for that.

So here is how I stay organised. Maybe it will help up, maybe it won't. Who knows. 

Time Spread:
I use an app called TimeSpread (click here to find it) and at the start of every semester I put in my class times, shifts & other weekly commitments I may have for the semester. Its a hella easy app to use and you can also choose to have Saturday & Sunday in it too (I don't because weekends are dedicated to my photography jobs only). Its colour coded and simple to use and I just friggin love it. I then save this as a photo into my phone, 'favourite' it and then I can refer to it easily when I need too. I also print it out and put it up in my room. 

TimeSpread App

A sample semester

This is an app that comes with all Apple laptops/computers and it's a bloody life saver. If you're anything like me, you use your laptop a lot so by having all my uni classes, weeks and assignment dates all on my stickies on the desktop I LITERALLY CAN'T FORGET ANYTHING EVER! Would totally recommend doing this if you're a forgetful af person like myself!

This app combines your calendar and your reminder list together. It's called Rooster (you can find it here) and it's great. I really don't like using the iPhone calendar as I find it confusing and difficult to use. Rooster also sends you notifications early to remind you! BLOODY LIFESAVER! I put in things like when my bills are due, appointments and other reminders. 

Rooster App

My Rooster 

As they say, "Fail to plan, plan to fail!". I still leave all my assignments to the last minute but hey I get them in on time so that's all that matters lol.
Until next time,
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