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It's week 5 and uni has gone from chill af to not chill af. So, I decided to message some of my friends, as most of them have already graduated and ask them for their study tips. Google is helpful, but it turns out my friends are even more helpful. Horray for having extremely smart friends! Like EXTREMELY smart friends!

This is what they said-

1. Portia, studies Nursing and also has a Bachelor of Bio-Medical Science-

2. Ketisha, studies Nursing & Paramedics and also has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience-

3. Stacey, studies Science-

4. Siobhan, studies Law-

5. Maddison, studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in HR & PR-

6. Catherine, studies Medicine and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology

7. Sophie, studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communication, Media Arts & Production-

8. Chloe, studies Nursing and has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Biology and Anatomy-

9. Ally, studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Advertising and Marketing-

10. Caitlin, studied a Bachelor of Media & Communications-

11. Luke, studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing-

12. Corrina, studies Nursing-

13. Laura*, studied Speech Pathology-

14. Annabel, studies Medicine and has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Sports Science, Exercise & Health-

Hopefully, this will help you!

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