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In 2011, I joined the Blood Donation committee at my High School. I'm not excatly sure why I decided to do this but since my first donation, I've been so passionate about donating blood and encouraging others to do so also! Why? Because it's the best charity you can give and it costs you NOTHING! It literally costs you $0.00 to save 3 peoples lives. How amazing is that?!

Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are needles and blood involved- a lot of people who are eligible to donate- don't. And this really sucks. I'm one of those people, I'm fine with blood but needles, no thank you. So I just don't look at the needle when I'm donating and everything is fine! Because if you think about it, whats more important? Your fear of needles or 3 peoples lives? Yeah, that's what I thought!

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So what happens when you go in to donate blood? 

1. First things first, you need to check you're eligible to donate blood. You can do a quick test online here- Can I Donate Blood? Once you know you're eligible you can go ahead and book an appointment. You can either call 131495 or book online here!

2. On the day of your appointment make sure you eat and drink loads of water! It's very important to stay hydrated!  When you arrive at the donation centre, you will be given a form to fill out. Once you have filled it out- return it to reception.

3. You will then be taken to a private consultation room where a nurse will check your blood pressure and check your haemoglobin. The nurse will also double check that you're okay to give blood!

4. Once you're cleared by the nurse, you will be taken to a donation chair where another nurse will hook you up and within minutes you'll be on your way to donating blood! It usually takes 15-20 minutes to donate whole blood. It is very chill, they have tv's, free wifi and you can read your book or scroll your phone while you donate!


5. When you have finished your donation, the nurse will return. The nurse will remove the needle (doesn't hurt) and put a small compression bandage on your arm.

6. After your donation, you are encouraged to help yourself to complimentary snacks and drinks. There is a huge variety of cheese, crackers, muffins, chocolates, sausage rolls, juices, thick shakes, coffee and tea- basically, it's a fab selection of snacks! It's important to rest for like 5-10 minutes after your donation just to make sure everything is okay! But hey free snacks (or free lunch if you donate around midday) so make the most of it. You deserve it, you just saved 3 peoples lives!!!

Snacks and Compression Bandage

7. Make sure you book another appointment! You can donate whole blood every 12 weeks, and you can donate plasma every 2-3 weeks!  You will receive a text message when your donated blood is being used and it'll let you know where it's being used!

How cool is knowing where your blood is being used?

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The process of donating plasma or platelets is a little different but if you wanna know more you can anyways just jump online to ! Their website is really easy to navigate and you'll be able to find everything you need to know! I really hope this inspires you to donate blood! And if you do already donate blood- thank you so much for what you do!

Until next time,
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