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So today I shared something on Instagram that I don't usually, and something that I haven't seen other people share either. I was sitting in my car contemplating whether it was appropriate to share or not and then I thought, screw it why not. So I decided to talk about my BIRTH CONTROL. Why? Because quite honestly, it's something that I've been thinking about a shit load lately. If BIRTH CONTROL offends you, please exit my blog #bye. 

So when I was 17, I went to my school nurse and told her straight out that I would like to go on the contraceptive pill. She asked me why. SHE ASKED ME WHY. I literally wanted to ask her why she asked me why but I didn't because you know, didn't want to sass the women who had the choice whether to give me the pill or not. I straight out told her "Because I want to start having sex". She kinda looked at me surprised and I thought that was extremely weird. I told my friends about it at lunch time and they all told that when they went and asked for the pill they told the nurse it was for their 'skin' or to 'lighten their periods' or whatever. Liars. Anyways, I got given the Norimin-1 28 Day Contraceptive Pill and since then I've taken that little pill every day (literally only have forgotten it like 2 or 3 times) for almost 7 years. It was great for 6 years, I had no side effects, I always remembered to take it and It was just awesome. I was really happy on that pill. However, then I commenced the 7th year.

In the last year or so I've been getting really bad tension headaches and migraines. When I got home from Europe in January, I told my doctor about it and she told me I had to come off my pill asap. Apparently, there is a very high risk of having a stroke if you're on the pill and getting regular migraines. I'M NOT A DOCTOR OR A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL SO IF YOU'RE IN THE SAME BOAT AS ME PLEASE GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR ASAP. It really sucked to have to come off my pill, which I was so happy on. The migraines I was getting were linked to another issue, not related to my pill. Anyways, so two weeks ago I stopped taking my pill for the first time in 7 years. And today, I got the Implanon implanted in my arm. 

After I posted about this on Instagram I got soooooooo many ladies (and some dudes) messaging me and telling me about their experiences which were both good and bad. There were so many mixed reviews and hey at the end of the day it is different for everyone but I am so GRATEFUL that so many people reached out because it really did make me feel less stressed knowing that other people were in the same situation as me. I wanted to share these replies (I have removed the names of the people who messaged me to protect privacy ) because maybe they will help you like they helped me! Again THANK YOU so much to everyone who took the time to message me!


If you're wondering what the fuck an IMPLANON is, click here and it'll tell you. And finally, please go see your doctor if you're unsure about anything. I am an arts student, I can't help you medically!

Until next time,
Chels x

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