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Last year, I spent 6 months studying and living in Madrid, Spain. Real talk... It was the hardest experience of my life, and I suffered some pretty shocking and hard to deal with homesickness for basically the whole time I was away. It was the most intense thing I've ever dealt with. Literally so awful, even when I think about it now it brings all those horrible feelings back. Ugh the worst.

I went to Boarding School for 5 years and I've also done a lot of travel in my life, and I've NEVER ever had an issue in the past with missing home. It's just never affected me until my Spanish exchange. And oh man did it hit me hard and make up for lost time.

Something that helped me a little while I was awhile was receiving a care package from my Mum (bless you mum). 
My Care Package from my Mum (love you Mum)

However, something that shocked me was how ridiculously expensive it was to post packages from Australia to literally anywhere else in the world. It literally cost $60 AUD to send the above care package from Perth, Western Australia to Madrid, Spain... and that's not even including the stuff inside it!!!! Like what?? 

Then I came across a company called Down Under Box, who obviously felt the same as me about this postage price issue!

Nothing is better than receiving a care package!

Inside the Down Under Aussie Classics Box
The Down Under Aussie Classics Box
Basically Down Under Box is a service where you can get your favourite Aussie snacks delivered to you, your friends or your family no matter where in the world you or they are. There's no hassle of dealing with post offices, declaring items or that hefty price tag Aus Post charge you to post stuff overseas. Plus you can do it all online! Awesome right? It's honestly such a clever concept and I'm SO surprised no one has thought of it sooner!

The Down Under Box has a $20 postage fee for standard shipping (7 business days) or you can choose the express shipping (3 business days) option for $40! This photo below explains it a bit simpler!
Postage Rates of Down Under Box vs Aus Post

Down Under Box have 3 premade boxes, ranging between $35-$50 (not including shipping) that you can choose from. Or if you would like to design and customize your own box you can do that also! Plus you can request to have a photo and a message added to your box. Literally the most lovely idea ever!

The premade Down Under Boxes

Down Under Box have kindly gifted me one of their Aussie Classics Boxes. However, I am NOT BEING PAID for this post or any content I make for Down Under BoxMy views and opinions are always my own! ALWAYS! 

If you want to send a Down Under Box to a friend, family member or even just yourself can get $5 OFF when you use the code LITTLEK 

Until next time,
Chels x

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