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A few months ago I wrote about 'Making Money From Surveys Online' . If you haven't read that blog, just click here! Basically, I do surveys online, make credit and then cash that credit out in the form of gift cards! I always choose the Hoyts Gift Cards because going to the movies is quite frankly expensive af so it's quite satisfying to not have to pay and just use my gift cards instead!

We recently went to see Deadpool 2 (10/10 great movie) at the Hoyts Cinema in Carousel, Western Australia. We decided to try the Hoyts Lux experience ($28 per ticket) because we hadn't tried it before and it's also not something we would normally do. When we arrived at Hoyts in Carousel, we got our tickets and were pointed towards the Lux Stairs. They're pretty easy to see, they're gold & red and there's a massive sign that says HOYTS LUX. We headed upstairs and found the Hoyts Lux Lounge. The lounge was gorgeous however It was pretty dirty, there was a lot of popcorn spilt and scattered everywhere. That was pretty disappointing, as there was basically nowhere to sit where there weren't stains or spilt popcorn. 

We were quickly greeted by very friendly and helpful staff who asked us politely if we had been to Hoyts Lux before. They explained to us about the complimentary popcorn and soft drink, in which we could get free refills at any time. The refill station was pretty standard and it was kinda a free for all.

Carousel Hoyts Lux Lounge
Carousel Hoyts Lux Bar
Carousel Hoyts Lux Lounge

After we were explained everything we were handed the Hoyst Lux Menu. First of all, the menu, in true cinema style is expensive af. But luckily I had my gift cards so I didn't have to spend any of my own money on it! Yay!

The way the menu works is actually pretty cool. You just order exactly what you want, and tell them what time you would like it to come out so they can organise to have the food/drinks come out staggered throughout the movie. I liked that. We ordered the Lux Fries ($14), Buffalo Chicken ($19) and the Churros ($17). All the food was of amazing quality, great portion sizes and really tasty. We also ordered a Passionfruit Mojito ($12) and a Toblerone Cocktail ($12). The cocktails are usually $17, however, it was the happy hour from 8pm-10pm so all the cocktails are $12 instead. I wasn't a huge fan of the Passionfruit Mojito but the Toblerone cocktail was delicious! I don't have any photos of the food or drink because it was pitch black during the movie (obvs)! It was also a little tricky to eat because of the darkness but not the end of the world!

Carousel Hoyts Lux Menu

Carousel Hoyts Lux Menu

Carousel Hoyts Lux Menu

I was extremely curious about the seats we were going to get. There is basically no images online of what they look like (trust me I even scrolled through Instagram trying to get an idea of what it would look like). However, I was pleasantly surprised as they were extremely comfortable and cosy, the only thing I wasn't too happy with is that they were kinda stained and dirty. There seems to be a bit of a theme here.

Carousel Hoyts Lux Lounge 02- Seats B3 & B4

Carousel Hoyts Lux Lounge 02- Seats B3 &B4

Carousel Hoyts Lux Lounge 02 - Seats B3 & B4

So in total, our whole Hoyts Lux experience including tickets, food and drinks cost $130. Did I pay $130? Absolutely not, I paid $0.

Doing surveys online rock, I love to be able to use the gift cards that I earn for things I wouldn't normally do or couldn't normally afford.100% worth it! If you want to learn more about Making Money from Surveys Online, all you have to do is click here

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