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Mmmhk so I've stayed in some pretty shocking hostels in my time travelling.

One of my 'favourites' include the triple bunk hostel room in London that I shared with 18 other people, including a Polish family and their two primary school aged children, a Russian man whose snoring could wake an entire village and a group of extremely loud German backpackers AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF it only had one small window...
There wasn't even enough room to open my suitcase

And how about the hostel in Madrid that said they had a safe place for me to leave my luggage at while I travelled around Europe.... and yes that's my bags that they 'safely' stored in the common room (+ the front door did not have a lock fml)
( Casa Tao )
Spanish version of a locker is no locker

Spanish version of 'secure' luggage storage

Plus check out this 'cupboard' I stayed in, in New York City...

Anyways, despite how funny this is now, this is all a part of the joys of travelling. You learn as you go and you don't (or try not) make the same mistake twice! I'm getting a lot better at picking good hostels though and wanted to share with you some of my tips on how to book a good, clean, safe and affordable hostel! THEY DO EXIST! Whenever I book a hostel now, the price isn't always the first thing I look at. Because as tempting as a $10 per night hostel is, it's honestly not worth it if it's unsafe & unstaffed! So, this is a list of some things I always look for when booking a hostel-

24 Hour Reception
I always try to pick hostels that have a 24 Hour Reception, meaning there is someone staffed at all hours. This is handy in case you have a weird flight time or a problem!

Secure Locker/Luggage Storage
I can't stress enough about how important it is to have somewhere safe in your hostel, such as Secure Locker or Luggage Storage for you to lock away your valuables! Majority of hostels these days do have storage however it's worth checking prior!

Free/Included Breakfast
I like choosing hostels that have Free/Included Breakfast because it's an easy way to start the day plus I always make sure to take some fruit for the day as a snack! Also, check the reviews for the hostel to see what people think about the breakfast!

Wall Sockets 
If you can, try to look at the photos of the hostel rooms and look for whether they have wall sockets next to each bunk. I prefer to have a wall socket next to my bunk because I'm not a huge fan of leaving my things on charge in the middle or other side of the room.

Bolted Bunks
This basically means that the beds are bolted to the wall or they are capsule-like. The pro point to bolted bunks is that they don't move or whobble therefore you get a better nights sleep!

These two sites are awesome for finding and booking hostels, plus they both offer free cancellation for most bookings!
Some of my favourite hostels I've ever stayed in and would highly recommend are Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER , Safestay Madrid  & MEININGER Hotel London Hyde Park !

I hope this is helpful!


Until next time,
Chels x

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