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Alright, so I'm working 5 jobs at the moment and studying full time. But hey, it's nothing I haven't done before and I'm hella grateful that all the jobs I'm working, I actually really enjoy. Unlike that time I was working the same job at 3 different centres and hating my life! I'm also going to Europe in June for 2 months so I'm saving pretty hard at the moment for that too!

So this is a break down of what I'm doing-

  1. Swim Teacher  / 7 hours a week- I've been a swim teacher for about 4 years now, and currently, I'm doing 3-afternoon shifts a week.
  2. Social Media & Content / 3-? hours a week- I also run all the social media and create content for the Swim School I teach at.
  3. Study Abroad & Exchange Mobility Ambassador / 10 hours a week- I work at my University and in this job I mainly run all the social media and create content for the Study Abroad & Exchange Mobility Outbound Office. I also run other errands to assist my boss.
  4. Interviewer / 2-? hours a week- I work as an interviewer for a Summer Camp company that helps people find jobs at Summer Camps in America. I interview people who want to work at Camp and write reports about them. I have a different amount of interviews every week so the hours vary week to week.
  5. Photographer- And I run my own photography business, Littlek. I only ever have bookings on the weekends as I mainly photograph events, weddings and music and they tend to be only on Fri/Sat/Sun. Bookings range between 2-10 hours depending on the booking.
Sooo I'm working a lot. 
Oh, and did I mention I'm studying full time too? I'm tired. But with that said, I am only doing 3 units which is still considered as full-time study but look it is easier than 4 units. RIP to the days I used to take 4 units a semester lol.

Somehow, I actually get it done. I wrote a blog about How I Stay Organised At University the other day and I had a lot of positive feedback! And I basically use the same methods to organise the rest of my life but here is some extra advice-


Create a week timetable with your compulsory weekly commitments such as your work shifts, uni classes etc. I use an app called TimeSpread Timetable which allows you to easily make a timetable and customize it to your liking. and then I save the timetable to my phone. Being able to physically see what time you have free will help you a lot and allow you to actually get stuff done.

TimeSpread Timetable


I love the Reminders app on my iPhone. It's one of the apps that come already installed on your iPhone by the way! Basically, you can set yourself reminders and then it sends you a notification and stays on your lock screen until you tick it as 'completed'. BEST THING EVER. If I have something small I need to remember, I will probably forget it because I have way too many other things going on! But with reminders, I'll set it to notify me a little bit of time before I need to be reminded of it. If that makes sense. Once you get into the habit of using your reminders your life will become so much easier!

Not my phone (obviously lol) but it gives you an idea of how reminders work!


First things first, everyone is different and everyone needs different amounts of sleep. You know yourself better than anyone so listen to your body. If you can run off 6 hours of sleep, congrats. If not, you're just like me and need at least 8-9+ hours to actually function. So a function on my iPhone that I use a hella of a lot is the Bedtime function. You can find this function by going into your Clock app. Basically, it helps you figure out what time you need to go to sleep to make sure you get the right amount of hours.

The Bedtime function

Be kind to yourself, seriously! You're doing a lot and you're gonna get it done and do it well! So be easy on yourself, treat yourself a little. Try not to let it all get to your head, a little stress is ok but don't let it over take you!

I send and use this meme on a weekly basis and thats ok
Learn how to turn stuff down and be okay with it. You're doing a lot but that doesn't mean you can do it. 

It's important.

I really hope this helps!

Until next time,
Chels x

Instagram- @littlek
Twitter- @littleksnap

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