Ladies with Lanyards is a blog post I published a while ago that put a spotlight on some of the most talented music photographers in Australia. That blog post had such a good response so I decided I wanted to dive deeper into this and interview these creatives! So, I'd like you to meet fellow music photographer, Danni Ronan...

My name is:
Danni Ronan but I’m known as Danni Fro as a photographer

I am based in: 
Dublin, Ireland

I started shooting live music because:
I got into photography originally as I looked up to my uncle who had always taken amazing photos. Although, as most photographers tend to do when starting off, I originally took photos of anything and everything that interested me even remotely, until I found a more refined niche, people. From there I combined my passion for photography and music, starting off with photographing Dublin’s buskers. I ended up shooting for a busking band called Keywest’s album and being allowed to photograph the band at some of their gigs. I guess from there it grew and within 3 months I was lucky enough to have found myself shooting for MCD Promotions, a big company in Ireland and I’ve been there ever since. 

My favourite gig I’ve ever photographed was:
Emeli Sande in the Olympia! I’ve always been a huge fan of her music and to get to photograph her live was a bit surreal! A few months later the famous Irish theatre even hung one of my photos of her on their wall!

The hardest / worst gig I’ve ever photographed was:
Queen! There was so much pressure to get ‘THE’ shots. Photo passes were being pulled up to a minute before the gig and as the youngest by at least 10 years, I was terrified mine was going to go next. Finally we were allowed in, just me and one other photographer. Honestly I know it sounds dramatic but it is Queen and I don’t remember much after that until I was looking through my shots on the train home, pretty happy with what I got.

My advice to young women looking to join the music industry as a live music photographer is:
Keep going! Age honestly means nothing. Neither does gender so don’t let anyone tell you differently, its photography for god sake! But you are going to come across the occasional grandad at big gigs that will try to shut you down. Don’t mind them. 

If I could tell my younger self anything it would be:
Be more confident in your work and yourself.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is:
The worst they can say is no.

The hardest thing about being a live music photographer is:
Having the words “first three songs no flash” stuck in your head instead of your favourite song

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt as a music photographer is:
Stand your ground and don’t let other people try bully you out of a good spot.

My favourite live music photographer is:
Bronwen Caple or Neil Bedford

My goals as a live music photographer are:
Be hired as a bands own photographer.

I also:
Horse ride occasionally, love to travel, am currently rebuilding a 1957 Series 1 Land Rover from scratch, after pulling it out of the field it had been sitting in for over 40 years. 

Excluding camera equipment, in my camera bag you will also find:
Lollipops and twizzlers, Hair ties, my phone, random CDs, my phone, sand from the time I went to the beach 5 years ago.

This is the photo I’m most proud of because: 
I got it on the wall of the Olympia, a famous theatre in Ireland 

I shoot with: 
Recently moved from Nikon D7000 to Canon 6D

You can follow Danni on Instagram here!

Until next time,
Chels x

Instagram- @littlek
Twitter- @littleksnap

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