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Normal people, when they're drunk, order normal things online. Like make-up or cute clothes. However, for some reason when I got a bit tipsy on my birthday, I ordered a bundle of Period Underwear from Modi Bodi (who am I seriously?). I was in Bali, Indonesia at the time and thought the prices were in AUD... so I'm thinking "wow this sale is great I'm finally going to invest in some!"... bad news it was in USD. For anyone not following $1 USD = roughly $1.40 AUD. ROUGH TIMES FOR ME. So anyway, after a rude shock to my bank account, a few weeks later I received a package in the mail containing my order of Period Underwear.

If you're offended by me talking about my period... Grow up it's 2019.

I've been curious about Period Underwear for a while now. I've watched all the youtube videos and read all the blogs but there was a tiny part of me that was super hesitate to give it a go. I really like the idea of having a more sustainable way to approach my period rather than having to constantly buy and use so many products such as pads/tampons. I'm also terrified of moon-cups so that isn't an option for me. 

So I ended up ordering the bundle called the Mixed Classic Bikini 7 Pack, which contains 4x Heavy Absorbency Briefs and 3x Light-Moderate Absorbency Briefs. Keep in mind, Modi Bodi also allows you to create your own bundles or buy them separately! Also, they're an Aussie company (lol at me trying to justify the fact I spent $200 AUD on period underwear). OH AND THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! 

Some concerns that I had about these period undies going into this experiment-
  • Is it going to leak?
  • It is going to smell? This is a major concern/insecurity of mine. 
  • What do I do if I'm at work and it's 'full'? Do I bring a ziplock bag and another pair and change? WHAT DO I DO?

Mixed Classic Bikini 7 Pack

Tuesday 22nd of January

Almost as if by clockwork, literally a few hours before I got my period, my package from Modi Bodi was delivered to me. My uterus wasn't happy but I sure was! I'm pretty lucky with my cycles. The average length of my entire cycle is around 33 days with my actual period lasting for no longer than 4 days. But oh man just because they're shorter does not mean they are any less painful. (I've struggled with ridiculous period pain my entire life, I've had everything checked out numerous times and I'm completely healthy & fine).

I currently am not on any form of contraception and I track my period through the app called CLUE. Which I highly recommend, using CLUE that is, not being on no contraception. Not only does it allow you track your cycle/period it also allows you track things such as cravings, pain, skin, emotions, mental, energy, sleep, exercise, meditation, party related things, digestion, fluid, hair, weight etc. It can also send you notifications when your period, PMS & ovulation are about to occur. Handy.

My cycles in CLUE

Anyways moving on, here is what the packaging and the underwear look like-

Very informative packaging
LEFT: Heavy/Overnight Absorbancy. RIGHT: Light/Moderate Absorbancy 

My first impressions of the period underwear as I was unpacking them went a little like this-

  • Ooo interesting
  • The material feels really nice (again, me trying to justify this purchase)
  • The padding is a lot less bunky that I thought it would be
  • They look really comfortable and the band is pretty cute
  • They're made out of bamboo and merino? INTERESTING

I'm at home all day today, so I decided to start by wearing a pair of the Light-Moderate Absorbency Briefs as I figured since I'm at home, If they 'fill' up at least I have the luxury and comfort of being able to change them! Firstly, holy moly they are so comfortable and It does not feel like I'm wearing anything different to my normal undies. 

My period doesn't fuck around, Day 1 is full steam ahead and full flow. Not blessed with any warning spotting or anything so WISH ME LUCK. 

I just had a shower. I took them off and ran them under water and squeezed them out a bit. Very simple, very easy and surprisingly not gross? 

I put on a pair of the Heavy Absorbency Briefs as they're recommended for overnight use. It's pretty hot tonight so I'm going to be brave and sleep without pj pants on... so now we wait.


Wednesday 23rd of January

No leaks.
No smells.
My mind is blown.

This morning I had my class sign up's at 9am and then I drove to my office job straight afterwards. I wore a pair of the Heavy Absorbency Briefs all day, they didn't leak, I felt dry and fresh all day and wow. I'm so impressed!

When I got home, I took them off and rinsed them out. I jumped in the shower, and then put another pair of the Heavy Absorbency Briefs on for overnight. This is amazing, I can't even remember whatva tampon is. 

Thursday 24th of January

Day 3 was basically the same as Day 2! Except with a lot more cramping and craving anything sugary. I'm super impressed with the Heavy Absorbency Briefs, and I actually think if I was to order again that I would just order them instead of the Light-Moderate Absorbency Briefs. The Light-Moderate Absorbency Briefs are still great don't get me wrong! 

Friday 25th of January

I was down to one pair, so I chucked all of the undies in the washing machine on a cold hand wash cycle and hung them up to dry. They dried super quick and then I was good to go again. I'm seriously so impressed with these undies, I can't believe how well they work.

I'm at the end of my period at the moment so my flow is pretty light so I've been wearing the Light-Moderate Absorbency Briefs and they're doing an excellent job.

Just hanging

Overall Thoughts: 10/10 amazing and I legit can't see myself ever using pads/tampons ever again. Unless I like really have too! The fact that these work so well has made me feel so much better about how expensive they were. They are honestly an investment, and I'm excited to get my next period (?).

If you want to try Modi Bodi Period Underwear, I'm happy to refer you which will give you $10 off your order! Just send me a message on any of my social platforms and I can do this for you! 

Until next time,
Chels x
p.s this is NOT sponsored. 
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