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Tuesday 15th August

I departed from Perth at 5 pm on Monday the 14th of August. It was bittersweet as I love to travel and was super excited for this trip, but the idea of leaving a lot of good things in my life kinda sucked. After a shocking flight from Perth-Abu Dhabi where I woke up in a hot sweat then fainted and had to be given oxygen (lol my life why tho), I finally made it to London at 7 am on Tuesday. I managed to get a mobile sim with 3 Mobile at the airport on my way out which made it super easy to contact home and let my loved ones know I'm alive. 

Since I had booked in advance, I jumped on the express train and headed straight to my hostel (Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel). I had to wait two hours until I could check in as I was early. I contemplated leaving my bags and going for a walk but I was so extremely tired and couldn't think about anything except having a shower so I just waited instead. My hostel room is insane and the bunks are tripled but that's #budget travelling I guess! At least they have made the most of the little space there is and it is quite clean so I'll give them that! I realised I hadn't eaten a proper meal for awhile so wandered down the street, had a little explore and got an incredible crayfish and avocado salad (super yum) and lemon and ginger juice from Pret a Manga. I took my lunch down to Kensington Gardens and had a picnic for one since the weather was delightful. The first meal after being in transit for a long period is honestly like no other. The gardens were stunning and there were so many people out and about enjoying the day.

After lunch, I met up with a friend from home, Elly and we headed into London as we had an afternoon high tea booking at Sketch. I'm not sure how but we entered at 2.30pm and emerged 3 hours later full of tea, treats and giggles. I would totally recommend Sketch to anyone who enjoys art and good food, it's an experience I'll never forget and I'm so glad I was able to share it with someone who equally enjoyed it! They say you can't go to London without doing a High Tea and I now fully understand why. Sketch is slightly more on the pricier side, however, I justified by choosing to stay in a cheap af hostel. Priorities right? A great way to find High Tea in London is to check out Groupon. They always have super great deals and have so many places to choose from.

Just when we thought we had experienced it all at Sketch we then experienced the bathrooms, which felt like you were walking into a futuristic, very well lit spaceship. Once we were done admiring the good lighting and strangely appealing eeriness of the bathrooms, Elly and I then continued to explore around Oxford street, checking out shops and also admiring the extremely well-designed shop displays. We made a quick stop for a cheeky gin & tonic before parting our separate ways.  I was literally so full from our afternoon tea that I skipped dinner and chilled out for the rest of the night.

Wednesday 16th August

I fell asleep about 11 pm and slept pretty well until 4 am when I was awoken by two middle-aged Russian men snoring like there was no tomorrow. Hostel life is fun. That mixed with some pretty rough jet lag had me up and ready for the day by 6 am. I had a look around the hostel and found a dining area where I setup my laptop and got to work on some photos from the day before. I had a few hours to kill so I decided to go for a walk. I totally under estimated the size of Hyde Park and my morning stroll turned into a 9km walk. I got back to the hostel just in time to meet my friend Sarah, who I met and travelled America with in 2015. 

We had pre booked Hop On Hop Off London Bus Tour- 24 Hour Ticket so we found a bus and off we went to see all the historic and iconic London sights. It was so nice to be able to explore with Sarah and we had a lot of catching up to do! We grabbed what might possibly have been the best chicken kebab I've ever had in life, then jumped on the tube (train) to our next location, a Jack The Ripper Walking Tour . I would recommend this to anyone who visits London, it was so interesting in a weird way. The photo below with the red marking is one of the locations where a murder happened. A historian had placed a red mark there as a way to symbolise what happened. 

Our feet were starting to seriously hurt at this point but we had one more spot left, which was Pargoda on the Roof. We had signed up online so we could a get a free drink. It was a wicked rooftop bar but at this point we were so knackered so we drank the freebie, and then called it a night! According to the 'health' app on my phone, we had walked a staggering 31,305 steps and a total of 21kms! Feet are very very sore.

Thursday 17th August

I actually managed to sleep in until 8 am which was a blessing. Sarah's partner, Michael had arrived that morning and we had plans to spend the day together. We got coffee in this over the top cafe that looked like a mixture between sparkles and cabin decking. The first stop of our day was Harrods, the most elaborate department store I've ever been too. I literally think a house deposit would be more affordable than most of the items in Harrods but nevertheless, it was extremely enjoyable to look around. 

Sarah had mentioned she wanted to take us to Convert Gardens, and failed to mention to us that it wasn't a garden, instead it was a market place. So when we rocked up I was quite surprised. We got a few cookies from her favourite cookie store, Bens Cookies and ate them while people watching. Check out the video to see how amazing they were!

We cruised along to Camden Markets where we got lunch for a 'fiver' which means you pay 5 pounds and you get a choice of basically everything they offer. Sarah is a dead set legend when it comes to finding a bargain and this is a quality I adore about her. We explored the markets further that sold a selection of home made goods, gifts and plenty food trucks. 


To finish the day we went up to the top of the Sky Garden building. It's to go up however you need to book online in advance as it sells out so quickly. It had the most incredible see and we enjoyed a cider before parting our separate ways.

Chels x

P.S All photos and videos were taken on an Iphone 7 Plus and edited with iMovie and VSCO. Click here to find out how I edit my photos with VSCO!


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