England & Scotland Contiki PART 2/3 | TRAVEL

Day 4
21st August 2017
Lake District- Edinburgh 

After a quick pack up and breakfast, we boarded the bus and headed to our first stop of the day, Gretna Green. There we watched two of our fellow travellers be married (As a joke obviously). After the 'wedding' it was back to the bus and back to England to see Hadrian's Wall where we walked up the hill and were able to explore the wall and the grounds. Back on the bus and on our way, we had a quick stop at a service station for lunch before arriving at our hotel in Edinburgh. It was such a nice surprise to have double beds for our stay so we were all very happy. We rested our feet for a little while before getting ready for our me time optional activity, the Scottish Evening. We were treated to a three-course meal where we were able to try haggis (which is actually incredible tbh) and a special performance by an awesome bagpiper. We were truly ready to sleep by the time we arrived back at the hotel!

Day 5
22nd August 2017

In the morning we had a tour of the Edinburgh castle before having the rest of the day to explore freely around Edinburgh.We choose to check out the Grey Friars cemetery where we searched for the gravestone of 'Tom Riddle'. After finding that and taking our photos we made our way to the Surgeons Museum where we spent quite awhile wondering around and looking at the extremely large collection of body parts and organs. The last stop for the afternoon was at the Celtic Craft shop, where we were able to track our family names and be shown our 'clam' patterns and colours. We had an included dinner at the hotel that night before some of the group attended the Military Tattoo, and other opting to stay in or see a Fringe Festival show. 

Day 6
23rd August 2017
Edinburgh- Scottish Highlands

Leaving Edinburgh behind early in the morning we headed up to the Scottish Highlands. We stopped at St. Andrews, the town where Prince William and Kate studied and first met and explored the beautiful gardens and viewed it's famous golf courses. We had a quick lunch break in Pitlochry, before arriving in Inverness. We spent an hour on a boat cruise searching for the Loch Ness Monster, before giving and going back to our hotel. Our tour manager, Tresea had challenged us all to a jump into Loch Ness and with many people taking up with the challenge we bused down to Loch Ness and many made the jump. We had another included dinner at the hotel that night where we chatted about our day and enjoyed a drink.. or two.  

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